Info of modified products

  • Product material : modified products
  • Applicable models : Mercedes Benz full range
  • Applicable years : 1992 ~ 2013

What are the advantages of electroplating?

Decorative electroplating:Decorative electroplating includes copper plating, nickel plating, and chrome plating. The purpose is to make the surface of the product smoother and more beautiful. The metal luster on the plating will be brighter, and the advantage is that the product is more textured.
Protective electroplating:increase the product's ability to resist corrosion, wear and rust. Vehicle products are often exposed to wind and rain. Anti-rust can extend their service life; they are also electroplated to increase their anti-rust ability.
Electroplating with special surface properties:Metal increases conductivity. When the product needs to improve the weldability of the metal or increase the electrical resistance, a layer of metal with special properties will be plated on the surface. The advantage is to increase the impedance and conductivity.
Mechanical or engineering properties electroplating: plating metal to strengthen the original properties. Plastic electroplating to enhance product strength, porous Luo electroplating to improve product lubricity, and hard Luo electroplating to increase hardness and wear resistance.