Grille product information

  • Product material :ABS chrome-plated molding cover
  • Applicable models : Mercedes Benz full range
  • Applicable years : 1977 ~ 2015

Function and form of grille

As the name suggests,the grille between the radiating water tank and the cold exhaust head, which has the function of beautifying the appearance and protecting the internal parts. Whether it is a honeycomb type or a straight waterfall type, the depot will have holes for air to flow into it to dissipate heat. The function of the water tank shield is: ventilation and heat dissipation. At this time, the grille is nothing more than a big black mesh or a chrome grille. A car factory will make ingenious ideas on the shape, but no matter how it changes, it will at least retain a certain area. In order to avoid poor heat dissipation.