about us

Shinejean Industrial Inc., the specialized developer, manufacturer, and trader, was established in 1995. Focusing on the niche market of high-end automobile accessories, Shinejean has striven to manufacture the most innovative products, and, therefore, has gained a foothold in the luxury car upgrade market. Also, Shinejean is known all over the world as a developer, manufacturer, and trader of upgrade/decoration accessories for the top two Germany luxury auto brands, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Today, Shinejean offers a comprehensive range of products that include almost all interior and exterior and exterior accessories for Mercedes-Benz and BMW automobiles. Shinejean products come in four categories: plastic grills for over 30 models, with the number growing by several models per year; wood/leather steering wheels and wood interior decoration kits (over 25 steering wheel and dozens of interior decoration kit models); chrome head and tail lamp rims in dozens of models; and beginning last year, aerodynamic carbon/FRP body parts including spoilers, engine hoods, and side skirts. All are made in wholly owned, joint venture. And satellite plants in Taiwan and mainland China.

Shinejean provides wide range of product lines while concentrating on the high-end market. In the present stage, the product line ranges from grille to aerodynamic body parts. In addition, Shinejean critically demands that the research and development. crews collect market information from various resources so that the products can be close to the trend and to customers’ needs. Furthermore, to assure the highest quality, Shinejean designs and develops all of own molds and dies for grille and lamp rims, and, for the production of steering wheels, we uses top-end materials such as bird eye, burl walnut and burl chestnut wood imported from various countries.

Shinejean successfully has explored the markets in the US, Europe and Japan. However, all members of Shinejean are never satisfied with the present achievements. Shinejean will constantly provide better products to cater to customers’ needs.